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Small - 12.5"

These guys are so cool. They have so much mobility with their necks, body, tail, and legs. People call them spicy noodles and I can see why with this toy. They flop around just like a noodle. They can stand, sit, or lay making them fun to position them. They also make for fun prank gifts when you know someone wants a real ferret but you don't want to get them a real one. They sure are less work than having a real one, and boss can't get mad at you like he would if you had a real one on your desk.  They also have the sweetest looking smile on their face.

The eyes are hand painted, if you would like a specific color let us know in the note to us and we will be more than happy to accommodate. The white version will come with red eyes, just like real ones have. Your new friend will also come with an adoption card for you to name them. 

The following colors are more fragile and not recommended for younger children as they can break and become choking hazards.

Silk Blue, Silk Lime Green, Gold, Silver, Bronze.

Colors may vary from photograph.

We can do more than 1 color message for us to do custom coloring order.

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